Your Cooperation
In the eternal religion, charity has been considered as very important. According to Hindu religious texts, the charity has shivers of attachment to the senses Bhogon. The glands of the mind opens so that the mrityukals get into profit.
In accordance with religious beliefs, it is necessary to open all the bales before the aapadhapi of life. In other words, we can say that charity has been considered the simplest and best way to be free from dushkarmon throughout life. There is a description of the importance of Vedas and charities. That is why thousands of years old Hinduism still observes the rites of donating to various objects today.
Charity Action is advisable to meet happiness, prosperity and other desires in life. The charity is also made up of an item, food, and even expensive jewellery.

Give your support in remodelling work

  • Construction of Guru Shankaracharya Cottage and galleries
  • Kedarnath Facilities Facilities
  • West Management (Waste management)
  • Solar energy
  • Construction of meditation centres
  • Construction of residential buildings of pilgrims works
  • Construction of flood safety & Ferries on Saraswati River
  • Construction of flood safety & Ferries on Mandakani River
  • Widening and beautification functions of the main path of reaching the temple premises
  • Gauri outperforms snag widening from furrow to Shri Kedarnath

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