Kedarnath reconstruction scheme

Kedarnath Reconstruction Scheme

  • To build an easy path by widening the path from Gaurikund to Rambada Bridge.
  • Make proper arrangements of street Laiton
  • Make proper water arrangements up to 500 m each
  • Arranging flying Khatole from Rambada Bridge to Lincholi
  • Construction of proper cottages for ratri relaxation in Lincholi
  • Proper arrangement of basic requirements for travellers in Kedarpuri
  • Make the current living system at Kedarpuri at least tripled.
  • Establishment of hydro Selas solar plant for sustainable power system at Kedarpuri
  • Ease the way by tiled with at least 50 feet wide of the path to the confluence place of the galaxies at Kedar Dham Temple.
  • To facilitate the kedarpuri of oxygen-Les Golf cart and ATV to assist elderly travellers in the world.
  • To perform the activities of flood safety on both sides of the galactic and Saraswati rivers
  • Kedarpuri Jhulapul to add to the horse stop
  • Setting up meditation Hall near the temple
  • During the disaster, the Shankaracharya remodelling the mausoleum and established the galleries for the knowledge of Kedaradham’s history.
  • Complete the construction of a three-level security wall which has been built to protect the Gandhi Sagar area behind the Kedaradham temple.
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