temple schedule

Temple Schedule

• Kedarnath-ji’s temple opens at 7:00 am for common visitor.
• Noon to two o’clock special puja and then the temple is closed for relaxation.
• Re: At 5 pm The temple is opened for the public’s vision.
• The statue of Lord Shiva five-home is a regular Artie from 7:30 to 8:30 hrs.
• At 8:30 pm the temple of the Kedareshvar Jyotirlinga is closed.
• Hemisphere Kedaraghati ice overshadow. Although Kedarnath-the muhurat of opening and closing of the temple is removed, it usually closes two days prior to the 15th November (the Scorpio Sankranti) and after six months, the Kapat (Apr. 13-14) opens.
• In such a case, the fold statue of Kedarnath is brought to ‘ Ukhimath ‘. The worship of the same statue is also Rawal here.
• The Kedarnath receives a receipt by the public duty deposit and assumes that he worships the temple or enjoys the indulgence.

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