kedarnath after 2013

Kedarnath after June 16, 2013

Kedarnath avenging the destruction on June 16 and 17. There was a continuous rain from June 14, which was going on until June 17. 16 June Sany at 4 p.m. The Galactic River was flooded with bursts of clouds, including the guest House of the Temple committee, which killed at least forty people, including 17 staff of the Temple Committee and 6 Police youth. It does not even pause the rain. On June 17, at eight o’clock in the Kedarnath Chaurabadi in Tal Bajrapat, it exploded, with fingers on the bajrapat side of Kedarnath, water and landslides started. Which Kedarnath completely hit the tragedy. The Kedarnath temple left the avenging of the Kedarpuri. According to the Akadon in Kedarnath, 4700 people went to life.
The destruction in Rambada, Gaurikund and Sonaprayag was also knocked out after Kedarnath. Half Gaurikund were swept away in the flood, including the reiterates furrow and Gauri Maa Temple committee. Even half the market in Sonaprayag was vulnerable to disaster. The Kedarnath pedestrian route was also completely flowing into the flood. The persistent Kedarnath weather may not start to worsen relief work. The army also took the point on June 19. Local police, including Endieaeph, ITBP, saddled full force in the relief work. Hundreds of people were brought from Air force helicopters and local helicopters to safer places.

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