Key place to see

Key place To See At Mandir

One of the four one of Hindus is Kedarnath Dham that is surrounded by the beautiful litigants of nature. Kedarnath Dham is a very vast sacred place of faith but the beauty of the surroundings is not to draw the tourists back. The tranquil atmosphere immersed in God’s love and natural beauty seems nothing short of a miracle. Here, the beautiful artistic style of the temple, devotees Kiasthaen, scattered on the mountains Ruinuma ice, Jhaunke of fast winds in Haseen litigants, fast drift of the Galactic River, tomorrow tomorrow, water noise etc. can be bhantily seen. There is a lake at some distance, which is visible in the lake, also its distinct significance. The men is a rhythm of 6 kilometres which is also known as the Vasuki rhythm. At Kedarnath Dham you can philosophy of Trijuginarayan, Agastayamuni, Gauri Kund, Dehri Prayag, Guptakashi, Ukhimath, punch Kedar etc.

Shankaracharya Samadhi

It is said that at the age of 32 years the Shankaracharya took the mausoleum here. Men was the 8th century guru Ji Shankaracharya Kedarnath Temple. After the philosophy of this temple, he was right here, Seer Mausoleum is a philosophy.


The Shiva temple in Triyuginarayan is visible in the Kedarnath style. If you kedarnath want to come here, you must.


In Guptakashi the ancient Shiva and Parvati temple are the most visible. Here thronging a long mob of faithfulness to see Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati.

Ookhi Monastery

Ookhi Monastery is a Utsahi site with a very quiet atmosphere. It is said that when the Kedarnath temple is closed, its idol is placed on the Ookhi math mattress.

Gauri Furrow

Gauri Kund is famous among tourists for its miraculous effects. Here is the main attractiveness of hot water. The mother is a temple of Parvati who is an artistic style.

Chaukhati Rhythm

Chaukhati Tal Chaukhati Rhythm is also known as Gandhi Tal. It is said that the bone of Mahatma Gandhi was flowed here. With the rhythm in this icy Sarovar, the Shankaracharya’s mausoleum is also viewable.

Deoria Rhythm

Deoria Rhythm is heavily popular among the tourists for its beauty. The snow-covered pious are very breathtaking. The skyscrapers look very attractive.


Panchakedar is one of the major scenic spots of Kedarnath. The pleasing beauty of here makes the tourist forced to come here.

Vasuki Rhythm

Vasuki tal Kedarnath Dham men 6 kms. It is a highly attractive lake. The lake remains at its height, so there is a lot of climbing chadhani to reach this.

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